1. Who can apply for a COC ?
  2. Any citizens of Republic of Mauritius & Outer Islands and Foreigner who holds resident/work permit.

  3. Can another person apply my COC?
  4. Applicant can authorize any person to apply the COC on his/her behalf at the respective DHQ with his authorization in writings.

  5. Can I apply for more than one certificate?
  6. More than one original of a certificate can be obtained within a period of 3 months from the date of issue of the first certificate. Besides the original application, applicant can apply for two additional certificates within the prescribed period.

  7. What document do I have to produce for my application?

  8. Where can I apply my COC?
  9. At the nearest Police Divisional Headquarters as follows:- For online, on the certificate of character portal https://ecertificateofcharacter.govmu.org.

  10. How to access the Certificate of Character Portal?
  11. Applicant should register on Maupass and then login to access the Certificate of Character web portal. Note 2 factor authentication of MAUPASS will not be required.

  12. How much time does it take to process my application?
  13. Within a period of two to three weeks or 2-6 weeks.

  14. Why does it take too much time to obtain my certificate?
  15. If applicant has been convicted before a court of law for a crime or misdemeanor or documents are missing, the processing will take more time.

  16. Can I obtain my certificate in a language other than English or French?
  17. Certificate will be issued in either English or French only.

  18. How to download my Certificate of Character?

  19. For Category - Self : Upon receipt of email notification confirming certificate of character is ready for download,
    For Employer/Responsible Party Category : Upon receipt of email notification confirming certificate(s) of character is ready for download,
  20. Can another person collect my COC?
  21. For all application made at Police Divisional Headquarters, if applicant is unable to collect his certificate on the mention collection date, he/she can delegate another person to collect same provided an authorization letter is produced mentioning reason thereof and receipt of collection.

  22. Does a COC expire?
  23. There is no validity period for a certificate of character.

  24. What type of offence will appear on my COC?
  25. As per the certificate of Character Act 2012 all crimes and misdemeanor appearing in the 2nd schedule will be mentioned on the certificate.

  26. How much it cost to obtain a certificate of character?
  27. Individual: Rs100
    Additional Individuals: Rs50
    Company: Rs300

  28. As-to-date, only the following Electronic Payment modalities are supported by the Certificate of Character Portal
  29. Credit Card
    Debit Card (subject to the card being enabled its issuing bank)

  30. Who to contact for any discrepancy on the certificate of character?
  31. The applicant may contact the helpdesk on 2149794 during Office Hours (9:00 to 16:00) or send an email on coc-support@govmu.org.
    The applicant may also contact respective Police Divisional Headquarters.